If I Could Know Only Ten Critical Things About My Serious Injury Claim, What Would They Be?

This is as simple as I can make it.
1.      Unless you or someone very close to you has been through a serious injury, claim, and suit, what you think you know is not accurate. Preconceptions are killers.
2.      The percentage of really good personal injury lawyers is the same as dog catchers, @ 10%.
3.      A good injury lawyer is not an ambulance chaser. He or she cares about you and your family, but he isn’t “Mother Theresa”. He cares about getting ahead and making a living too.
4.      The entire system is based on the question of whether a person or company violated a duty (is “at fault”) and seriously injured you or yours.
5.      The key to the system is INSURANCE which almost no one understands.
6.      Coverage in your own insurance policy, uninsured coverage, underinsured, a personal umbrella, or your medical plan, may make the difference between security and financial ruin.
7.      Good lawyers avoid trials, but they have three key skills;
a.      Ability to create a system for gathering information, and thus, a well trained, efficient,  staff and modern office;
b.      Negotiating ability;
c.      The ability to try your case if it does not settle.
8.      Different injuries may require different attorneys. Auto accidents, truck collisions, industrial disasters, product liability, falls on commercial property, insurance bad faith, and medical or legal malpractice have different ground rules. It is best to find someone who knows the difference and can bring in other attorneys or experts if needed.
9.      The lawyer with the catchiest, or funniest, television ad may NOT be the lawyer most respected by his peers.
10.   You can learn about the lawyer who authored this little post at www.burtonhunteresq.blogspot.com, www.hunterlawfirm.net , or under the name “J. Burton Hunter III” on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, or Google Maps, and if you e-mail him at hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net  and ask politely, he will send you a PDF file of his 275 page book.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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