2016 WVU College of Law Family Law CLE


I know, “Sexy Title”, right? Family Law. At least this article  has the merit of brevity.

After a couple of days in St. Louis with 60 “super nerd” “lawyers of the future” last month, my 40 years of small town practice experience had me much more comfortable in Morgantown with a group of WV family law lawyers this week-end.
It was a thrill to meet a family court judge who “got” the Family Law Protection Order Law (WV Code 5-2A-2a), that I collaborated on with Thomas O’Neill and Senator Charles Trump and others. He says that he issues such orders as part of his initial “standing order” and in appropriate cases during the proceedings. https://hunterlawfirm.net/the-wv-senate-bill-430-now-a-law-that-no-one-heard-of/
I was also happy to see it was reported as a significant development in WV family law. I hope and believe the law will improve families’ quality of life and even save lives.
And, I was also thrilled to hear an experienced family law children’s guardian ad litem who, with her family court judge’s encouragement, had acted when the WV DHHR, Child Protective Services division and local prosecutor woulld not act and iled her own juvenile abuse and neglect petition in circuit court in order to protect her wards. This is the kind of innovative approach that family court must be open to in order to meet the needs of WV families.
Not everyone who practices family law should be doing so, but I am glad that there is high quality CLE available to those who want to avail themselves of it.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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