Ten Dire Results of “Representing Yourself”. (Things that have happened.)

Be your own lawyer, and chaos may reign:

1. If your spouse goes bankrupt, you might have to pay off their car, or credit card, or go bankrupt yourself.

2. By getting a few more, or fewer, “overnights” with your child/children PER YEAR, you may save (or lose) thousands of dollars in child support,

3. OR, with a “swing” of just 1% in “overnight time” per year, your spouse may be able to move away with your children! Or, you may not be able to take the children with you if you need to move to another state! Think about that.

4. You may think you will receive your share of the sale of the family residence, after the children turn 18, only to find out your spouse owns it! (And, don’t think you will just order the cd of the hearing. They throw those things away after five years!)

5. You may walk into court, thinking you have negotiated fair child support, only to learn, to your chagrin, that the Court does not agree.

6. You may lose your share of your spouse’s 401k plan!

7. In a personal injury case, you may miss the “statute of limitations”, and lose your entire claim!

8. Your insurance carrier might deny crucial coverage that you paid for!

9. You may end up paying alimony for life, or losing your claim to spousal support.

10. The spouse you agree to share custody with 50/50% may have their “significant other”, be the alternate care provider, when the law would have given your spouse only “every other week-end” and half the holidays.

There are hundreds of other risks. Don’t take them. Give us a call, and we will help you create a plan.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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