My First Post December 23, 2008

The post below is my first surviving blog post, edited slightly. I then rested for a year, but in the last two years, I have posted 120 articles that I shall now attempt to edit into a Kindle e-book.

I was born in 1946, in Wheeling WV. The photo above is my Grandfather (Michael) Earl O’Grady holding me in downtown Wheeling. It predates my earliest childhood memories.
As a Blogger, I have been a failure. I posted a nice little introduction over a year ago, and now it is gone. My web designer asked me for a “personal” bio for my website. Here it is.
Burton Hunter may have “old fashioned” values, but they are not outmoded. Burton’s values come from his upbringing in Wheeling WV. They come from the choir and youth fellowship at Christ United Methodist Church, from being a Cub Scout, 4-H Club member, a student in Ohio’s County’s excellent public school system, and at Linsly Military Institute from 8th through 12th grades.
Hunter graduated from W. V. Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, with a B.A. in Government and History, and from the W.V. University College of Law, followed by four years in the U.S. Air Force Jag Corp where he earned the Air Force Commendation Medal.Burton Hunter and Nancy Lynne Goodfellow, of Fairfield Ct., met at W.V.W.C. and married in 1969. They have four children, John, Christopher, Justin, and Laura, and 3 grandchildren, Anna, Jack and Lucille. (Since this was written, we have been blessed with Grady Daniel Hunter, now one year old.)

Hunter was the recipient, in the 1990’s, of the WV Trial Lawyers’ Association’s (now WV Assoc. of Justice) Member of the Year and President’s awards. He was a member of the Board of Governors of the Trial Lawyers, now WV Assoc. for Justice, for 20 years. He remains a loyal member.

In his home town of Buckhannon, Hunter coached youth soccer for 17 years, served as President, and other offices, of the Upshur County Senior Center, chaired the United Way campaign, sat on the board of the Upshur County Family Resources Center, has sung in the Chapel Hill United Methodist Church choir for 20 years, and served as President of the Upshur County Bar Association. He was also a member of the Buckhannon Rotary Club and Buckhannon Upshur Chamber of Commerce. (Note: Hunter is now active in the WV State Bar and a member of the American Bar Association, ABA. He has become very active in social media including Linked In, Face Book, Twitter, and YouTube, where he has posted over 70 informational videos. He seeks feedback, questions, and suggestions from all sources.

Hunter has represented hundreds of personal injury victims, handled around 3000 family law cases, and handled hundreds of insurance claims, civil suits, and a wide variety of other matters. Now he prefers to focus his practice on personal injury and insurance, divorce and family law, mediation, and civil law suits.

Hunter has been heavily involved in technology, innovation, and continuing legal education throughout his career. He acquired his first computer, an Apple II,  in 1981, and has been learning ever since. His office uses dozens of computer applications.
(Note: since this was written, Steve Jobs died, but not before giving us the iPad and iPhone 4s., both of which have enhanced Hunter’s connectivity. And Fujitsu ScanSnap personal scanners,, hosted Outlook, and other amazing innovations, have revealed a portal to the mythical “paperless office”. Alas, the paperless office remains the goal rather than reality.)

Burton Hunter believes in hard work, protecting his clients, applying “common sense” to the practice of law, and staying current in his profession. For over 30 years, Hunter’s office light has been the first to come on in Buckhannon most mornings. Drive by before 7:00 a.m. and you can see it.

(Feb. 4, 2012. This shameless self promotion remains essentially true. Every lawyer has a personal life, and I treasure mine. My wife of 43 years, four children, four grandchildren, three daughters in law, family, and friends, great staff, and good health make up the foundation that permits me to protects my clients’ and their families’ best interests. I am seeking new tools and methods, and striving to enhance the professionalism of the legal community.)

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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