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I had this “Dear Colleague”  mailing list. There we around 200 lawyers, some business and professional people, and friends I would write to them when I came upon something of interest. The motivation was:

1. I like to share stuff and show off; always have. That may be why I liked the 4-H club demonstrations and exhibits that we required to do back in Ohio County, WV.

2. I figured they would spread the word about how bright and competent I am and think of me for referrals and associations.

Occasionally I received notes of heartfelt thanks. But, mostly, people are too busy for such things. Even when I sent out a form or sample that they could use every day in their practice, not many did. Eventually half the addresses became outdated. (Old technology.)

So, I wrote to my last “Dear Colleague” letter recently,

giving recipients the link to this blog, www.burtonhunteresq2.blogspot.com , (Editor: no longer active. 2-25-2015)

my Findlaw (Editor: now my own site on a WordPress platform) professional website, www.hunterlawfirm.net ,

my first blog “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyerwww.burtonhunteresq.blogspot.com which is now an Amazon Kindle Book, (Ed: now www.hunterlawfirm.net)

and my e-mail hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net.

Any of them who care to can subscribe to this blog and get notices whenever I post something, so thus ends my
e-mailed “Dear Colleague Letter”.

So, here are some of the most useful and informative websites I have ever encountered!

1. The website to Howard Nations Lawfirm, with great links to invaluable sites:

2. Craig Ball’s Sampler to discovery links:
3. Craig Ball’s Website, with links and resources for legal technology:
4. The WV State Bar Website:
5. The WV Supreme Court of Appeals Website:
6. The Link to an article by a Google VP on the new wave of Internet Marketing, The Zero Moment of Truth:
7. Roy Lazris’s fabulous informative site on the document assembly application Pathagoras, with a free 90 download trial version, videos, and short and long manuals:
8. The Medline medical research site:
9. Tiny URL, the website to that allows you to convert a looooong url into a short one. This helps with posts to Facebook, and has many other uses:
10. Trial Guides and David Ball’s website. Not, to my knowledge, related to Craig Ball. He is a superlative trial consultant and author of David Ball on Damages and Reptile:
http://www.trialguides.com/authors/david-ball/ ; and related thereto, see:
11. Dan Ringer’s classic show The Law Works. This is a vast archive of insights into WV Law. Don’t forget to search “Rural Law”. No; that’s not Paul Newman.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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