Are We Headed to Armageddon?

I just posted this to FB. Just a few thoughts after a “powerless, phone-less” week-end in the “high 90’s”.

The thread of (Lewis County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney)  Brian Bailey’s post echo’ed something I thought of. Our three sons and their families are “roughing in in the N.C. Mountains”. They will have a great time. And, there are a couple billion people somehow eking out a living in conditions that our population simply cannot imagine.

We do not grow a garden. I haven’t shot anything in a long time, have ammunition 20 years old, and survived as well as we did this week because of our gas grill, gas stovetop, and the fact I just happened to buy 28 lb of ice for the week-end.

We used up 1/4 tank of gas just driving to Bridgeport to get some things, including a charger to take to the office so we could watch a movie on our DVD player. Of course, turns out the office had no power.

An attack on our power grid, if successful, could kill millions and turn our country into the stone age world that Brian humorously imagined. My back up plan was e-mail and phone from the tallest hill on our property using my iPHone 4s. I popped the grill loose on my car getting back down.

 I think Americans each need a “disaster plan”. We are certainly ready for that gas powered generator we have been putting off. And maybe I need to clean those guns and get some fresh ammunition.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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