Two Posts From My Blog, Perspectives of Small Town Lawyer

After a lull in posting, during a very busy fall, I found time for two useful posts on my “sister blog”, Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”.

1. I posted data for all the Continuing Legal Education seminars I attended in 2012; not to brag, but to give my readers an idea of what I am thinking and learning about. I think C.L.E. attendance is some evidence a lawyer is “tending to business” and staying current in his field. While I will not copy them wholesale, I feel I may share selected materials under what I believe is a reasonable “fair use” standard for people who are trying to learn, not get credits without paying for them. (Does anyone agree with me that C.L.E. is overpriced considering the reduced costs of publication of materials and the fact our speakers receive no fees?)

The url is: (Editor: suggest you go to 2-25-2015.)
2. More challenging, for me,  is a post that is  dated today, Nov. 24, 2012, on “Children, Guardians Ad Litem, The Law, and Society”. I registered my concern over the quality of the “mandatory eight hours of training” required by Family Court Rule 47, the lack of communication between the Family Court and Juvenile Abuse and Neglect Court communities, and failures to recognize the woes of our society.

That url is: 

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