A Legal Resource if Your Life is Off-Kilter

As the photograph shows, I was a bit “off-kilter” last week when the large brush pile I was pulling yanked my Kubota tractor sideways.

Many of us are feeling “off-kilter” during the “Covid 19 Crisis”. 

As a trial lawyer who represents individuals and families, I can give four examples:

  1. You may have needed a divorce for a long time, and the Crisis has just exacerbated the problems. But money is short. What to do?!
  2. Your troubled, but viable, marriage is no longer viable.
  3. The pressure cooker of your life has led to domestic violence; or,
  4. You were “rear-ended” six months ago, your medical bills are $5000, and the other guy’s insurance adjuster is stringing you along.

Starting last to first:

  1. The answer is clear for the person who was rear-ended. It would have been better if you had called me when the collision occurred, but call now:  304 472-7477. Or write me at hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net. Our process is a smooth one. You pay nothing if we don’t get your recovery, and our contingent fees are below those charged by most firms. Our 40+ years of practice means we can maximize the net to you while usually avoiding filing suit.
  2. There is a very small time window for filing a domestic violence petition and getting a protective order. The statute lists five examples of domestic violence. I write about it in several blog articles. Just search my blog, www.hunterlawfirm.net/blog . My biggest tip if the abuse involved violence is to go to the emergency room to get checked out and tell the doctor honestly what happened. If you can’t reach me, call the police and work with the agency tasked with assisting domestic violence victims. They can help you negotiate the fill-in-the-blank petition. But call me soon for representation in that matter and any related proceeding such as a divorce. or custody dispute.
  3. But what can you do if it is time to end the marriage? Assuming, at this difficult time, you do not have the $2000-$5000 for full representation, you can get help for ending the failed marriage, or for a custody dispute. For a “mere” $500, we can give you access to your options,  ghost-write forms or pleadings, answer critical questions, and offer a flexible fee structure.
  4. I can help as mediator or counsel if you are negotiating a parenting plan.
  5. The end of the Corona Virus crises is uncertain, but there’s no reason not to called
  6. Our goal is to give you at least a $1000 value for that small, $500, investment, while keeping open the option of “full representation”. 

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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