Militant Moderate – Mad As Hell!

My clients sometimes call me a bulldog. Only when I have to be, but……..
Ok; so I decide to heed my pal Eddie’s suggestion for  a hiatus on the political dialogue on FB. I am home, working and looking up schedules and sites where we are vacationing next week. So, I posted wildlife, clouds, hills, and pond photos, Tanglewood’s schedule, Lime Rock Park’s website, and the Roasted Chicken I cooked Saturday! Pretty benign stuff.

Just now the phone rings. It is…


 “The Tea Party”,  intruding into my house with a scary, vicious, doltish, demagogic, infantile, libelous, insane rant about the Senate gun background check bill.

Are we forgetting that the folks who are in “GOVERNMENT!” are us?

They are the people we elected. They are the bureaucrats who met the standards to be hired and retained even when political parties change power. They are lawfully selected appointees. They are our Supreme Court. They are the volunteers, men and women, who volunteered to serve their country.

They are part of the very system of balances and checks we have in place so no one gets all of what they want! They are protecting us from disorder, Organized Crime, Foreign Enemies, Terrorists, Natural Disasters, Famine, Pollution, Global Warming, and our own idiocy. We need that protection.
They are slow moving and are forced to compromise because that’s what Hamilton, Madison, and Jay propounded in The Federalist Papers, and our founding fathers voted into place.
They did not put the right to bear arms over the right of privacy, to jury trial, to due process, or later, to vote even if your are black or a woman. They were not ready for racial gender equality. But that’s why we made our Constitution amendable.  They would be today, and they would not all be white, privileged, males. It is a careful balancing; the best mankind EVER devised. AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

We all knew that MANY BILLIONS of $’s were being spent on something to stop another 911, or worse, or less. I, for one, was hoping “The Government” was monitoring communication in a way to keep us safe.

I remember thinking, “I hope ‘someone’ is helping those Contras against the Nicaraguan Communists”, and there was, Ollie North, God bless him. That’s when the liberals had there day, and the liberals went “overboard”.

Let’s reduce this whining, these histrionics, these conspiracy theories, our racism, our intolerance, and our loss of civility. Let’s reject the politics of the far right and the far left. Let’s read, watch quality t.v and media, educate ourselves, read books! (Fareed recommends an informative book every Sunday morning.). Let’s participate in our communities, our churches, our civic activities, and our governmental processes.

And, I suspect the louder the rant about “privacy rights”, the more that person and his/her friends have to hide. Sure the porn watchers, pedophiles, terrorists, radicals, crime figures and their ilk want PRIVACY. 

Of course they do. It is the far left who has no problem with Benedict Snowden’s “freedom tour” to China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and probably Syria, Iran, and Korea. I hope he gets a long stay in Kim Jung Un’s “country club with barbed wired”. In the interest of civility, I will leave out what I think should be done with Mr. Snowden. But, he is a confessed felon fleeing justice.  

We participate in a government by assuming some responsibilities, honoring others’ views and rights, and YES, giving up some of our privileges or rights out of respect and common sense. Boy did that recorded TEA PARTY caller get an earful from Burt. What a way to make a living. Too bad he was just a recording. And he woke my wife up from her nap!
 The post script to this rant is the call we just got at robot call for “free” ‘I have fallen and cannot get up’ buttons. My friend Linda, @ 40 years old,  says she got the call incessantly while she was recovering from surgery at home. She is “mad as hell too.”

Finally, I have predicted a conviction of George Zimmerman of Voluntary Manslaughter, not murder and not an acquittal. Write me and I will explain why.
 (Author’s note, 2-25-2015; as the evidence developed, Zimmerman was acquired on all charges. In my opinion, his cocky, aggressive, high risk, behavior brought this tragedy on. If he had not gun, he would have been more careful. Trevor’s attack was violent, and potentially injurious or fatal, but George’s behavior was provocative. One of these men lost his life, and one walked free; yet neither was free of blame. Something wrong here. jbh)



This post was written by Burton Hunter

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