Family Court Standing Order Project.

This will be short and sweet. Just an update on my efforts to improve the administration of justice in family law cases in WV.

WV Code 51-2A-2a, permits family courts, among other things, issue a “standing order” requiring divorcing parties to behave themselves (on Facebook, while texting,  on the phone, while being near the other party’s place of employment, and otherwise), so I have decided to take a stab at a good “standing order”.

Most judges issue a standing order requiring parties not to sell any assets, to attend divorcing parents’ class, to file sworn financial information, etc

Our intern Rachel spoke to someone at each of West Virginia’s 45 family courts and got the majority to agree we could have copies of their standing orders. So far only 10-12 did so, but some with multiple orders.

My job now is to cobble together the best provisions of several orders into one or more orders that will include the newly authorized “be nice” language. I intend to send my propose standing order(s) to the Family Court Judges I practice before, and to the President of the WV Family Court Judicial Association.

If any of my friends or colleagues have suggested language, ideas, or questions as I embark on this project, I will appreciate hearing from you.

Burt Hunter

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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