Today I Am at the WVAJ Mid Winter Meeting.

Today I am at the WV Association for Justice Mid-Winter Meeting. W.V.A.J., formerly WV Trial Lawyers Assoc., is the state organizations for lawyers who focus primarily on representing individuals in civil litigation. The majority of my significant professional relationships and many of my best case recoveries are a direct result of my afiliation with this organization.As a young man, I was always curious, but often not an attentive student. Now I love attending seminars, staying current with changes in the law, technology, and office management.

And, I NEED updates in the ethical rules that we must follow. Some attorneys come to C.L.E. (Continuing Legal Education) rarely and reluctantly. I respectfully disagree with that. We should look for every opportunity to attend seminars in our field of practice, and, sometimes, I go to seminars in areas such as bankruptcy or consumer law, areas I need to keep track of, even though I don’t practice there.This seminar has inspired me to set up a Facebook page for my law practice, and to link it, this blog, and my website. I hope to give my readers the “real poop” on practicing law in central WV. This is information and OPINION. It is NOT legal advice. Do not try to be your own lawyer. You will be sorry! But this information may warn you of pitfalls and give you insights into what to expect of your lawyer and how to communicate with me/him/her.

Burt Hunter

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