On the Hilarity of Escaping Pets

I have a blog article in mind for later today, but I just posted this to my FB page and thought I would share.

Strange; I am acting like it is a lazy Friday, but I have appointments, and a trial this afternoon, but I wanted to mention – ABC news got a kick out of videos of dogs trying to escape confinement. There were lots of yucks. One person opined that one of the dogs could have strangled. Another said the video showed her she is going to drug her dog. (Ha ha!). I think maybe I have learned something that many people do not understand. The dog or cat you have is not like that fox, wolf, coyote, or wildcat you may see. The ancestors of our pets were the ones who hung close to the campfire, had an affinity for people and somehow survived being around them. Selective breeding over tens of thousands, maybe much longer, caused the animals to “evolve” into another creature entirely. They need us, are not comfortable when they are without us, and may even show us more love and affection than they do to each other. I post Duffy and Buddy and Little Man and Kitty, and our children’s animals, because each time they have done something that gave me pleasure or happiness. So, it is very difficult for them to be left alone all day. For those of us who have ways to break up the day or bring them with us to work, if you can, I think you will have a happier, better adjusted pet. I am so lucky to have a wife who shares my affection for our animals and is willing to track down and destroy those pesky smells and stains that mysteriously appear.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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