Doing the Right Thing, and Not Being Afraid

One of my “crack paralegals” made a gutsy call today that got a client time with his children, under tense conditions. She took a risk, acted independently, and here was my response to her:
“Here’s the deal, and here is how I think.
What you did was excellent. I concur. You took a risk. The argument against us could have been we were doing indirectly what he could not do directly. We could have taken considerable criticism if not worse. But…….
IF it had blown up, or if it does blow up, you will not hear a peep of criticism from me.
I don’t want you to practice law, but I don’t want you to hide under the desk either.
These are real people we represent. We have a chance each day to make their lives go a bit better.
So use your experience, your brains, and my guidance, and make the best choice you can. And I will back you. If it is a screw up, we will apologize and move on.
Thanks for everything.
Give me an employee with guts and brains.  I will be thrilled to have her on the team.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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