Why Make Daily Posts to Social Media?

Quick note to friends and family on FB.
I like to post family, pets, scenery, and food, as do many Facebookers. I think I have good examples of all three.
I like to post on politics, religion, philosophy, and what I’ve learned in the practice of law, and try to make sure I post from a foundation of serious thinking, reading, and watching, with a goal of reaching some common ground, and even consensus.
But, I also post professionally, for three or four reasons:
1.To educate the public;
2. to market myself;
3. to influence my profession; and,
4. to educate people in power, professors, politicians, and judges.
I post to my private FB,  to my “Mediation Services” Page, to my “J. Burton Hunter III, and Assocs., PLLC” page, my blog – www.hunterlawfirm.net , to Google+, Linked In, and, yep, even to Twitter.
I write every word myself, so feedback and questions will be appreciated. jbh

This post was written by Burton Hunter


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