Launching My Revised Website and Blog

All of my energy, recently, has been put into my new website. The old content is @ five years old.
By next week, Mar 1-7, 2009, I expect the new site to be up and running.
The photos are mine. The videos I did in my law library. They are similar to the F.A.Q. text. I did not read from text for the more recent videos. They strongly represent views I have already written about. And the words are mine too, from a long interview with the Findlaw people. I hope the site has some good content, and, of course, I hope it gets me some new clients.
Note: since writing this, my site has been revised a second time. I am still trying to get Findlaw to upload my 50 new videos, but you can view that at the JBHunterIII Youtube Channel. And, I posted 118 more blog articles at . I hope this content will be useful to you and your family. (J.B.H. 02/19/2012)
Burt Hunter

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