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Above is the title to my first post, and to this blog. For two years I have authored “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”. After editing it several times, I uploaded it last month as an Amazon Kindle book. Price is $2.99, but if you e-mail at hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net, I will send you the link to the DropBox folder which contains the PDF file of my book. You may “copy and paste” to your laptop or, even better, to your iPad. Please do not “cut and paste. Amy favorable comments or reviews on Amazon will be deeply appreciated.

The slant of “Tips and Techniques” will be shorter posts aimed primarily at my colleagues and a few judges. Potential clients may check it out if only to see whether I am “up to snuff” with office technology and procedures. I am.

This week, I found myself headed to Butler Pa. for a deposition. I knew what I wanted to asked but had not had time to write out the questions. While my wife Nancy drove, I spoke into my iPhone, to Dragon Dictation. Dragon is now limited to one small page, so it took 7-8 e-mails to my paralegal Letetia before my outline of questions was complete. I did some simple editing.

Moments later the edited PDF file arrived to my iPhone. We drove into a Sheets parking lot, downloaded the e-mail, opened the file, and there were 38 questions, with sub-parts. It was great to scoll forward and back as I asked the doctor my questions. It beat trying to write out questions on a yellow pad, making it much easier to move questions and subjects around.

Also this week, I received a small device ordered from Amazon.com. It was a five star rated tri-pod mount for my iPhone 4s. Cost $20, but it holds the iPhone firmly for photos or video. The image quality is excellent, as it the sound. Looks like I will put my JVC Everio into semi-retirement. I am working on a new set of videos for my YouTube Channnel JBHunterIII.

The next purchase will probably need to be a new iPad with 3G and wi-fi. We are nearing the point where out entire office network drive will be “in the cloud”. That means the once unbelievable will be routine. Every single document in my office will be available to me at any time via the startlingly clear iPad. That should lead to a download of the app Trial Pad. The iPad will not yet replace a Windows 7 laptop, but it sure can replace the yellow pad and trial file folder.

That’s enough for my first post, except:

1. E-mail me at hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net and I will send you a link to my book and/or a Dropbox folder to an ever growing folder of various articles, forms, and checklists that I have found to be helpful. I will add to it regularly.

2. My professional site is still www.hunterlawfirm.net .

3. My blogs are www.burtonhunteresq.blogspot.com and www.burtonhunteresq2.blogspot.com .

4. My most recent YouTube videos are at my channel, JBHunterIII.

Burton Hunter

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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