We are happy to announce that we have made life easier for you! Of course, if you are part of the <1% who will explore every tab and button, who wants to know where I went to school and details about my practice areas, that stuff is still there. But “the good stuff” lies under the two red buttons, drop-down menus for 320 blog articles (1350 pages!), and my first four concise, informative, videos. www.hunterlawfirm.net

With my blog, you can;

1. “Search” for content;

2. Subscribe;

3. View my table of contents;

4. Download my PDF Blog Book, or:

5. Just browse.

My first four videos are my messages, to:

1. Potential Clients;

2. Colleagues;

3. Adversaries, and;

4. People in Authority.

They are my civil (as in polite) manifesto of my purposes and goals.

If you doubt the content of my website, just read this e-mail I got from the relative of a person who needed help:

“Dear Mr. Hunter:

I just wanted to thank you for all of the helpful information and advice your website has to offer. Recently, I helped someone with a West Virginia divorce/custody case and we won because we followed the advice your site offers about organizational techniques and being prepared. The judge even thanked us for being so well organized, and she was sorry the other party did not take the time or make the effort as well.

Thank you again for all of your help and advice.” (Name omitted.)

Messages like that “make my day”. jbh


This post was written by Burton Hunter


  • Amber says:

    Mr. Hunter agreed to represent me in a long-distance custody/divorce case. The initial questionnaires are vital – so make a point of carefully and concisely filling these out. About 1/3 of the way through the case we realized that I could not afford an attorney. Not that his fees are high, because they are not – in fact, they are below the average. I made too much money for legal aid and not enough for an attorney I was forced to go it alone. But I wasn’t alone because even though Mr. Hunter was not my attorney he helped and guided me throughout my case. Having someone of his caliber and experience on my side and offering advice was invaluable. His website offers a myriad of tools and advice for those that have to represent themselves. Be smart and use them. FYI we won the long distance custody case (all the way to AZ) without Mr. Hunter’s website and support the outcome might have been entirly different.

    • I want to thank the person for posting this. As I write my blog posts and work on my methods, of course I want to make a good living, and of course I am saying that you should have a lawyer in most circumstances, at least as a consultant, but if someone can utilize my writings and make their life somewhat better, I am thrilled! Thanks again!

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