An Example of an Unbundled Legal Service: Allocation of Parental Rights, AKA “Paternity Suit”

An Example of an Unbundled Legal Service:

Allocation of Parental Rights, AKA “Paternity Suit”:

There are myriad services a lawyer can provide, on many subjects, that fit the label “unbundled”.

It is a way that a person with a limited budget, or who wants more answers before deciding to retain a lawyer for full-representation, can get important information.

Our formula for unbundled services is designed to provide up to $1000 worth of services for a flat fee of $500.

I can curate nearly 1500 pages of blog writing, 30 videos, 400 articles, and a 300 page book entitled “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”, so that you can decide what to do next.

The phrase “Allocation of Parental Rights” is analogous to what used to be called, “A Paternity Suit”.

In the age before DNA or even “blood grouping” testing the biological issue of parentage was often a contested trial of “He said; she said”. Now, the biology is the easy part, but what is commonly, but mistakenly, called “custody” is a major challenge. And the custody law of the State of WV have recently been re-written.

In the “Age of Allocation”, the stigma for a child born “out of wedlocK” is much reduced. But the unwed parties often have no clue how to approach parenting, to trust, collaborate, or communicate, especially when factors such as drugs, alcohol, or domestic abuse exist.

Your small investment of $500 may be the best investment you can make.

Issues such as time with a child, medical and other decisions, access to records, where the child is going to live, and something called “custody” do not turn on “common sense”.

There are statues and reported WV Supreme Court cases that govern all of these issues.

An “unbundled full legal consultation” allows you to keep all options, to proceed without counsel, or, more likely, to understand how important having a lawyer to represent you is.

Even if you have no alternative to self-representation, that small investment will allow you to have much more information about your and your child’s rights than the other side has.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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