The Microsoft Surface Pro 2; some thoughts. New Potential for Doubling Your Reading Speed; And Updated Spreadsheet.

Dear Colleague, Friend, or Family Member;
 1. A couple of weeks ago I wrote you about the nifty new tablet that can be a desktop, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Believe it or not, I have it all set up so it functions as a desktop, but it snaps off to become a tablet and keyboard cover. Here is a link to an article by a lawyer who has done the same thing:

2. Finally, a development in the technology of reading, from N.P.R.’s “Here and Now”; double your reading speed and improve your retention!

 Subject: Read A Novel In 90 Minutes? Spritz Explained | Here & Now

3. Two weeks ago, I attached an Excel Worksheet with 9 pages to aid in the collection and organization of facts for your lawsuit or project. Today we tried to print them for a client, and it was a disaster. Sorry! Just set these to print one page from each sheet. Then you can copy as many as you need for your clients to enter by hand. Your staff can still keyboard it when you want a more formal presentation. My last mailing has my two blog articles on how to organize the “objects”, “top ten concerns” and “timeline”. Let me know if you need me to resend.

 4. If only  3-4 of you find something here that helps you ,in your practice, education, or life, I will be pleased.
 Happy St. Patrick’s Day.
(Note to my online readers. If you want my Excel workbook mentioned in # 3 above, write me at  jbh. )

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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