The McDonalds Happy Meal Controversy

I chuckled at the comments of critics of Happy Meals having toys in them because children aren’t sophisticated enough to see through such inducements, as adults are. Hah! The 42 vendors with displays at the WV Association for Justice annual meeting all gave away “toys”, pens, candy, key chains and tote bags. The “neuro-psych” people give away a peach sized foam rubber brain. Then there are the gifts, DVD’s, candy, and gift baskets, that come with our Quill order. Our legal research provider, Al Lathan, brings us luscious bags of peaches and strawberries; even shrimp, which we very much appreciate and which makes me give conscious thought to which cases can benefit from a research project. So, we may “see through” such inducements, but we still buy!

The most valid criticism of McDonalds, and its competitors, is that its food is mostly crap, high salt, high sugar (carbs) and high fat. The American diet is killing Americans as lead in pipes in Ancient Rome killed Romans. Our United Methodist church, filled with loving, giving, caring people, serves a big meal every Wednesday of macaroni and cheese, or meatloaf and mashed potatoes, or Barbecue, or hotdogs and beans. Veggies are not a big feature. And, we sell sugar cookies and strawberry shortcake and ice cream, and lots of homemade candy. Makes my mouth water, but…………not good for us. West Virginians, being poor, and somewhat isolated, seem to eat even worse than the rest of America. Big butts abound here.

The solution? You tell me. My wife and I are part of it, fighting our bulges, trying to say “no”, and being pulled right back to the fries and donuts. Right now we are in a “fight back” stage, cutting back on “carbs”, working out, walking, and trying hard to be good. I even formed a Facebook Group, “If I knew I Would Live This Long, I Would Have Taken Better Care of Myself”.

But it’s the week-end, family is visiting, and lunch is ready…………………. and there is potato salad!

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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  • It’s a daily struggle for each of us. I’m always juggling ‘calories and carbs’, ‘veggies and sweets’…I think it best to juggle and enjoy all food groups rather than deny oneself of the ‘goodies’ life has to offer. In denying ourselves the freedom of choice our hunger may turn into anger….and that’s not a good thing. Keep it ‘simple’ and have just a little bit of the good stuff, and we’ll better enjoy the healthy stuff! I personally really miss the Chapel Hill Sugar Cookies… time they offer them for sale, eat one just for me, Burt, Okay????

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