Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions

The one key to personal injury television advertisements is that ads must be simple, just like ads for insurance coverage. That’s why none of the jocular t.v. insurance spokespersons tell you even one useful thing, except they will be cheaper than the other guy. How can they ALL be cheaper than all the rest?  And how can all t.v. lawyers be better than all the others?

I can assure you of certain things: experience, dedication, attention to detail, and sincere effort to keep your costs and fees as low as we can. These commitments show up in our reviews and the rich content of my blog, ,  and in my videos. (62) J. Burton Hunter III & Associates, PLLC. – YouTube

Thus, if you believe the “t.v. lawyers”, you can have the lawyer who will be your best friend, the one who will kick the adjustor’s butt, the one who promises to emulate a fierce anima,l “ROAR!”, or the one who promises that you will “never lift a finger”.

The truth is more complex. What I can promise you is that our staff and I will strive to represent you honestly and competently. Working with a field-level adjustor in a polite and professional way can lead to a settlement. Treating her/him rudely may interfere with a pre-suit compromise.

Your working with your lawyer in gathering the history of the collision and your injuries and recovery is essential. So, with a good lawyer, you will meet frequently, and you will be expected to do your part in a team effort to document your claim. You will “lift a finger” to protect your rights and your family’s.

And, knowing the definitions of certain terms and practices can help you understand the process and work with your lawyer.

Here are a couple of articles from our archives to help you understand these things:

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