My Areas of Legal and Geographical Practice


For those of you who simply want to know what I do and where I do it, here goes:

1. My personal injury/insurance practice includes:

a. Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, and Pedestrian collisions. I can do these in any county in the State. I can find out of state counsel as necessary for WV Residents who encounter problems while away, and associate as necessary.

b. Premises liability (slip and fall) cases, insurance bad faith (refusal to settle your claim properly), industrial injuries (deliberate intent), and medical malpractice.

c. As a longstanding member of the WV Assoc. for Justice, and its Board of Governors, I have learned who has the best reputations is various parts of the state, and I associate on major matters with those most familiar with local judges and courts. It has taken decades to make these connections and gain that knowledge.

2. My Family and Civil Practice require more consideration of geographical distances, so I focus those on Upshur County (Buckhannon), Lewis County (Weston), Harrison County (Clarksburg, Bridgeport), Barbour County (Philippi), Randolph County (Elkins), Tucker County (Parsons), Taylor County (Grafton); Gilmer County (Grafton), Braxton County (Sutton), Nicholas County (Summersville), Webster County (Webster Springs), and areas within 100 miles of Buckhannon. My “old home town” is Wheeling (Ohio County), so I would consider associating with one of my friends/colleagues there too.

3. My civil practice includes disputes over wills and estates, estate settlements, contract disputes, real estate disputes, boundary line and title disputes, will challenges, injunctions, and other disputes of a dollar sum in excess of $25,000. Less than that makes is very hard to be cost-effective since civil litigation can be expensive.

4. One of my favorite services is “A Legal Check List”. Just search for that term in my blog. $500, and I review your wills, powers of attorney, your insurance coverages, and other things you don’t even realize you must periodically review. I share access to my writings and resources, and we form a relationship where I can help if problems develop. I love “preventive law” and don’t get to do enough of it.

5. My Family Law Practice, which takes the majority of my time, includes:

a. Divorces Petitioner;

b. Divorces Respondent;

c. What is common  known as child custody disputes, but what is really:

Allocation of parenting time.

Decision making;

Addiction issues;

Abuse issues;

Access to records;

Adoption; and

Domestic violence.

d. Equitable distribution of marital assets and debts, including retirement assets and real estate.

e. Alimony and Spousal support;

f. Modification of Court Orders.

g. Relocation disputes, to other counties, states, and countries; and

h. Contempt matters.

4. Mediation. I represent parties in mediation involving any of the areas listed above, and I will conduct mediation as a court trained and certified mediator in any of these areas. I love to mediate disputes.

We do not do workers compensation, unemployment compensation, social security, or bankruptcy. But call me and I can tell  you firms that I know who work in these practice areas. Often we collaborate.

If short, as a small town general trial lawyer, I need to know a lot about many things. We are always happy to share what we know.


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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