Burton Hunter’s Practice Areas; Brief Overview

Burt’s Practice Areas:1. Personal Injury: The main emphasis of my practice has always been representing individuals. I like to represent injured persons. They are invariably “normal people” who have read all the garbage put out by the insurance industry. Most are anxious for me to know they aren’t like those “other people” they read about, “The McDonald’s Coffee Lady”, etc. They are surprised to learn the “real story” about the McDonald’s scalding coffee incident. Of course, my best pay days have been my injury cases, but they are very satisfying, as my staff and I help people work through the trauma and recovery. Fees are totally dependent upon my success. I earn a fee only if there is a recovery. And, the more I collect, the larger the fee, and the larger the recovery for the client; pure capitalism.

2. Family Law: too many people believe they cannot afford or do not need a lawyer. I have written a short article for my law firm’s Facebook page, listing 10 circumstances I have actually encountered where the person was severely prejudiced by not having a lawyer. I like to apply my experiences and my knowledge of human nature to the “game plan” of each family law case. Dealing with abusers and addicts can be very difficult. But, most people can learn to work together, with my help and a good mediator, and sometimes as “worthy adversary” to negotiate a “parenting plan” and “property settlement agreement”. I have a lot of information, including “F.A.Q.S” and videos, at my website, www.hunterlawfirm.net .

3. Civil Actions: West Virginians will go to court over, disputes over “Dad’s Will”, a boundary line dispute with a neighbor, or a partition of jointly owned land. I devote about 20% of my energy to such matters. More later.


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