Post Script for and Evernote: 09-30-2013

I spent several more hours with and my Evernote training and can report the following:

1. Getting access to the forms and materials used in the training is an extra $12.50 per month. I found I could view the training on my iPad and go to the Microsoft Version of Evernote on my laptop. I didn’t find a need for the materials, so I suggest just start with one month for $25 and decide later if you need the materials.

2. I spent an hour or more scrolling through the available courses and now have a “play list” of 30 titles, such as, Digital Photography, Editing Video, Using YouTube, Using Linked In, Using Facebook, Learning Word 2010, Social Media Marketing, Using Excel, Using Access, Using Powerpoint, and many more. Compare the price to any book, videos, webinar, or CLE (continuing legal education) seminar, and $25, or even $37.50, /month is one great deal.

3. I have learned how to create notes from e-mails, PDF Files, text files, audio clips, video files, and photographs, and how to sort, organize, and tag them.

4. I leaned that I can save these items by sending them  to the Evernote default notebook folder using my Evernote e-mail address. From  there you can scroll through viewable thumbnails, and save the documents to the appropriate notebooks.

5. The premium ($5/mo. or more) version of Evernote has searchable documents. For example, if you have a photo of an old barn with “Mail Pouch” on the side, your search for “mail” should recover it. That’s pretty neat!

6. Your Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner knows how to send scanned photos and documents and graphics to the Evernote e-mail address, or to Dropbox or directly to Evernote. That makes it an even more valuable tool. Another step towards the paperless office.

7. Some day this will be second nature, like a telephone, vacuum cleaner or fax, but for right now, this stuff is still “Gee Whiz”!

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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