My Prayer for Independence Day 2014


My prayer for our nation, heading into Independence Day week-end:
1. That we appreciate the amazing freedom we have and exercise it responsibly.
2. That we tolerate and appreciate our many differences.
3. That we approach our many problems constructively,  in the spirit of compromise and appreciation of the other person’s point of view.
4. Instead of speaking out of ignorance or prejudice, learn, from a reliable source (and know what that means) something about the critical issues of the day.
5 Consider it a responsibility of  our citizenship to continue our educations throughout our lives. Knowledge is power
6. Foster in our children a love of learning and reading.
7. Use our religions as a bastion of core values of right and wrong, justice, and peace, and NOT as an excuse to claim we are better than others with different views.
8. That we all have a heck of a good time this week-end. Don’t blow your hand off!

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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  • Catherine Paige says:

    Well Done Burt. Let’s hope that these are thoughts in everyone’s mind during this Fourth of July and throughout our lives!. God Bless America!
    Love, Cathy

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