Just for Fun: An Auto Racing Memoir

Burton Hunter Auto Racing Memoir:


A friend got me to read, via Audiobook, a biography of Journalist H.L.Mencken, perhaps the most famous journalist of the 20th century. It is amazing to follow the story of a person’s growth from child to adult, to fully formed adult, and to what follows.

On a dual track, I am reading Doris Kearnes Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals” starting with thumbnail bios of Chase, Seward, Bates, and Lincoln, four driven and brilliant men.

But we all have a life. Mine has been charmed. In spite of mistakes, I’ve been blessed.

One theme has been my love of fast and sporty cars and my engagement with The Skip Barber Racing School, Lime Rock Park Race Track, Summit Point Race Course, The Sports Car Club of American, the Sports Car Drivers’ Association and a class of small sedans called “showroom stock”.

We raced in something called the Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (M.A.R.R.S.) where showroom stock was born. Our cars were the fastest in the U.S. Our fields were over 50 cars, and we had a blast!

Such an experience builds confidence and some courage. It was selfish, and I hope my family has forgiven me, but I gave it up when that was necessary and moved on to live this blessed life.

Unless you are “sheltering in place” and your DVR is broken, and your Direct TV disabled, I know 46 minutes is a bit long, but it’s the truth as best I can remember. Here it is.



This post was written by Burton Hunter

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