Why Bother With a Legal Check-Up?

Today a person who “just wants a will” declined an appointment. I don’t do “just a will” any more. You can get one of those from Legal Zoom, or from the “newbie” lawyer in town and let your family deal with the heartbreak and/or litigation later. There really is no such thing as “just a will”. Just as a doctor does, a lawyer MUST take a history. So, I have figured out a fair fee for a person of moderate means to tend to their legal health, just as they do with their annual physical.

My receptionist struggled a bit to articulate to the gentleman why my “flat fee” of $500 is a bargain. So, below is what I told her to say. At the end is the link to my blog article on A Legal Check-up.

Dear Faye:

Here’s the pitch. Mr. Hunter has 40 years’ experience representing people, so he has seen hundreds of situations where their oversights and mistakes have caused those people and their families money, delay, and pain. He learned that an ounce of prevention is invaluable. So, he won’t simply draft a will
without asking lots of questions. Also, he writes a great deal on subjects of interest to the average person, not just people who are in a lawsuit. And he will share that information if you will let him.

Therefore, he charges a flat fee of $500, not just to do a will, but to discuss possible needs for powers of attorney, the pros and cons of a living will, medical powers of attorney and whether his client is properly protected with his or her insurance coverage. One simple tip may be worth “a million dollars”!

Then there are the nagging miscl. problems, unresolved injury claims, disputes with neighbors, or potential disputes with family, or even a legal problem of a close family member. Where Mr. Hunter doesn’t know the solution, he probably knows a colleague who does.

Usually that initial $500 payment will cover a full and fair review of such issues. Document production is included in the fee.

Mr. Hunter has seen situations where an attorney just drafted a will, never asked questions, and cost his client thousands of dollars, and even lawsuits. When you are ready to review your legal health, just give us a call.

Here is the url: from my earlier article: http://wp.me/p4utce-4H jbh

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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