Why Do You Have a Blog Too Mr. Hunter?

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Around 18 months ago I began to get serious about maintaining a blog.I had been studying social media and marketing a law office, and I have a lot to say.

Since then I have posted nearly 150 pages. And, I still have a lot to say.

(Note; as of Feb. 10, 2012, I now have approximately 200 pages, and I have spent a week, at Wrightsville Beach, N.C. and Jekyll Island, Ga. proofing, revising, adding to, and posting photos and videos to my blog. I tried to add key words to most of them. This afternoon, I shall produce it as a PDF file book. I may have some friends proof and critique, then revise again, convert to PDF again and then convert to a file that can be read as a Kindle Book, and I may have my first Kindle Book.)

We have had houseguests for a week, so this will be my shortest post in a long time, but here is my video answering the question above.

Burt Hunter

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