Product Liability

Representing the Victims of Unsafe Products in West Virginia

Few people think about injury or death when they use a product that is sold to consumers. Most of us take for granted that the product is safe and that we would receive warnings of any inherent dangers. When an injury or death occurs, we are often shocked to find out that the manufacturer knew about the danger but didn’t want to spend the money that would be required to fix it.

For more than 32 years, I have been a lawyer representing victims of unsafe and dangerous products in Buckhannon and other communities in West Virginia. I handle all types of product liability cases, including those involving:

  • Farm equipment
  • Industrial equipment such as punch presses, saws, drills and excavating equipment
  • ATVs and other recreational equipment
  • Defective auto parts such as tires and safety equipment such as seat belts
  • Vehicles that are prone to rollover accidents
  • Chemicals that cause burns or other injuries
  • Food that makes us sick due to salmonella, e-coli or other contamination
  • Children’s toys with choking hazards, lead or other toxic ingredients
  • Prescription drugs that cause injury or death
  • Medical devices that fail and cause injury or death
  • Compensation for Victims in Product Liability cases

By filing a products liability lawsuit, you can recover financial compensation for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, future medical expenses and lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent injury, and lost enjoyment of life. Through our civil justice system, you can also hold manufacturers accountable and help prevent future injuries to others.

Many of us remember the days of three-wheel ATVs, which were inherently unstable and caused numerous injuries and death. Even after the manufacturers switched to four-wheel ATVs, Honda sold an ATV with an exposed gear that tore the skin and bone off the legs of many unfortunate drivers whose feet slipped off the peg. While Honda sold a $70 guard as an option to prevent this injury, it did not install the guard as standard equipment until the company was forced to by product liability lawsuits.

Free Lawyer Consultation

If you’ve been injured by a consumer or industrial product, don’t be afraid to talk to a lawyer. Talking is one thing. Hiring is totally separate. If you don’t like the attorney, don’t hire him. I always offer a free initial consultation with no obligation. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.