Industrial Accidents

Representing the Victims of Coal Mine and Industrial Accidents in West Virginia

While some industrial accidents make headlines, there are many more that you don’t read about or see on television. When a breadwinner is hurt, the effect on the family can be devastating. The last thing your family should have to worry about is whether you will recover money for your losses. That’s my job as your lawyer.

For more than 32 years, I have represented the victims of all types of industrial and workplace accidents in Buckhannon and other communities in West Virginia. I served as co-counsel for one of the families in the Sago Mine disaster, which caused the deaths of 12 miners in Upshur County

Workers’ compensation provides a limited amount of compensation for people who are injured on the job. However, workers compensation doesn’t compensate you for everything you have lost. In West Virginia, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer in cases of extreme negligence that results in injury or wrongful death.

What is Deliberate Intent?

Some types of risk are obvious, such as operating a saw without a safety guard or climbing to the top step of a ladder. If your employer knew to a reasonable degree of certainty that you were going to be injured, and asked you to do the job anyway, then your employer is guilty of “deliberate intent.”

One of my clients was a machinist who was forced to do electrical work by his employer. He touched something in an electrical box that he should not have and suffered permanent nerve damage as a result. I was able to recover substantial damages for my client because his employer forced him to do dangerous work that was outside of his field of expertise.

In another case, I represented a man who almost lost his leg after it was caught in a chain at work. I was able to prove employer fault beyond simple negligence and recovered damages for my client. I have also represented families of men who died in the mines and other industries.

I represent the victims of all types of workplace and industrial accidents, including those caused by:

Free Lawyer Consultation

If you’ve been injured in an industrial or coal mine accident, don’t be afraid to talk to a lawyer. Talking is one thing. Hiring is totally separate. If you don’t like the attorney, don’t hire him. I always offer a free initial consultation with no obligation. Contact me today schedule your consultation.