Domestic Violence

Stopping the Cycle of Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, I will help you get the protection you need from spousal abuse, stalking or harassment. If you are charged with domestic abuse, I can help you defend yourself and help you correct the problems that led to the charges.

I am J. Burton Hunter, III, an experienced family law attorney who is dedicated to helping clients who are facing legal and family issues related to domestic violence.

Dealing with Domestic Violence

Many people do not understand the terrible stigma that a domestic violence filing creates. If the prosecutor’s office becomes involved and believes a crime such as domestic battery has been committed, the state takes over.

A conviction for domestic battery results in a permanent ban on the ownership or possession of firearms. Even a temporary protective order results in an immediate prohibition against the use or ownership of firearms. A West Virginia domestic violence petition also activates the Federal Gun Control Act, which allows for registration of the accused into the federal database. A person accused of domestic battery can also lose his or her job and be prevented from having unsupervised visits with his or her children.

Long-Term Solutions

I am particularly interested in helping people craft long-term solutions to the underlying problems that resulted in domestic violence. If your marriage is breaking up or if there are disputes over custody, I can help you file for divorce or a modification of custody, for example. I can help the alleged abuser get into a substance abuse or anger management program.

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Use the domestic violence hearing and initial meeting as a launching pad to move toward a long-term solution that will stop the violence. To learn more about how an experienced lawyer can help, please contact my law office in Buckhannon, West Virginia.