Guiding You Through the Divorce Process in West Virginia

If you are going through a divorce, you need a lawyer who can stand up for you. I’ve done that for nearly 32 years as a family law attorney in Buckhannon, West Virginia. However, I believe I accomplish much more by helping you gain a broader perspective of what you want to get out of a divorce.

I believe that divorce is often too adversarial. As your lawyer, I will fight hard to accomplish your goals. However, I will help you put your children and your long-term interests first. I genuinely care about you and your family, and want you to come out of your divorce in the healthiest position possible so you can look forward to a bright future.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your Divorce?

I believe in improving the practice of family law. Unfortunately, many divorces in West Virginia today are undertaken by people who aren’t represented by a lawyer. The results are often disastrous for those involved:

Without an attorney’s guidance, you could end up not getting your “fair share” of marital property, or giving up property you’re entitled to keep.

Without a workable parenting plan that spells out your rights for child custody, visitation and child support, you could end up back in court soon after your divorce to resolve disputes.

Many unrepresented people have discovered domestic violence filings as their “portal” to the legal system. Many unintended consequences can follow, such as jail time, job loss and a permanent ban on the ownership or possession of firearms for the accused.

I often represent clients who start out representing themselves in a divorce action, but then they realized that they should have had a lawyer all along. As your attorney, I will guide you through all of the issues that arise in divorce, including alimony (called spousal maintenance in West Virginia) and division of marital assets and debts.

Free Lawyer Consultation

If you have questions about divorce, contact me at any time for a free initial consultation. I am usually in my office near the courthouse in Buckhannon before 7 a.m. on weekdays. After hours and weekend appointments are available. Before 8:00 a.m., just call me at 304-472-7477, 304-472-7477.