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My lifetime best friend, Dick Billick, is an office and social media marketing consultant. So, he made me a guinea pig for a new web marketing site he is creating in his home town of Columbus Ohio. He prompted me to do a video of my office and to answer some questions with some shameless bragging. I believe I can back up my answers below with facts, so I am using the basic text and my video as the foundation for this post.

Questions for J. Burton Hunter III
R.E.B. What challenges did you have at the beginning of your career?
J.B.H. III It was very challenging to have an alcoholic for a boss for nearly 3 years as a USAF JAG officer. I was forced to do my job and attend his meetings. I hope the JAG Corps has learned a better way to deal with such things. It was a very stressful life, but I survived and gained confidence. Earlier, as a law student; I hated learning how to think like a lawyer. I was not sure if I could do it. But, having survived the J.A.G. Corp, six years later I was so productive in my first year as a Buckhannon Lawyer that I was able to move on and never look back  Being selected as the 1995 WV Trial Lawyers’ Assoc. Member of the year, and receiving the group’s President’s Award, validated my career choice.”

R.E.B.Why should we review you?

J.B.H. III I know a lot, write a lot, read a lot, and although I can sort of wear you out with my views and energy, I am rather interesting. (He says humbly.)

It is quite unusual for a lawyer in a county seat of 6000 people to attend so much continuing legal education, have such technical grounding, to be able to have such a large support staff. Add to that, passion for what I do, and it is a pretty good mix. If you asked me how I hang in under [the] stress, and in such a poor economy; I would say my genes, my personal love story which allowed me to win a nearly perfect mate, partner, companion and mother to our children, and four handsome, mature, competent children, four perfect grandchildren, and three lovely daughters in law. My wife comes from a wonderful family. I have maintained friendships from kindergarten to date, and several really good, supportive friends are there when I need them. (Almost forgot; I am exceptionally good looking, which really helps.)

R.E.B. Why should anyone choose you over your competitors — what makes your service among the best?
J.B.H. III Of course I see it as a “no-brainer”: vast experience, vigorous good health, above average intelligence, a good heart, dedication to clients, hard work, in depth understanding of technology, and an innovative approach to solving problems.

R.E.B. How long have you been in business?
J.B.H. III I have been a lawyer forty years this month; a lawyer in Central WV since 1976; and a sole practitioner, with staff of 5, for over ten years.

R.E.B. Last question:  How can a West Virginia resident get your help?
J.B.H. III I offer a free initial attorney consultation, often over the telephone. The caller is under no obligation to hire me at the end of this consultation. Assuming it is within one of my practice areas, I am sometimes hired to be a legal consultant, not a representative. I can give some guidance outside of my personal injury, family law, civil lawsuit, and mediation practice areas, but it’s usually to guide you to a good resource or a lawyer. If we cannot represent you, we still want to help you.

My law office is conveniently located one block from the courthouse in Buckhannon, West Virginia, One West Main Street. I am available for evening and weekend appointments. If you are unable to come to my office for health reasons, I am willing to come to you. For a prompt response and phone call, or to schedule an appointment, call 304-472-7477.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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